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Foshan E-KAY Furniture Co. Ltd. has been established since March 2008. Our original mission to focus on authentic iconic modern furniture has evolved to include authentic classic modern furniture by European designers and manufacturers as well as select international contemporary designs.

Today we have two joint-stock factories, about 100 professional workers manufacturing LATTAS products.

Our modern collection ranges from world known designer office chairs, designer sofa, fiberglass, ABS, stainless steel, etc. Our marketing department is committed to offering the best in personalized service. We have 8 five-years experienced quality inspectors who are inspecting every process of the production from its materials, production, packing and marks are strictly guaranteed.

Our manifesto is really quite simple: let everybody in the world can share the happiness of International Design with good value & excellent quality.

Should you need personal assistance, have questions about our products, lead time or desire to contact us for any reason, we will be very glad to hear from you.